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What's On the Market Right Now in Edgewater?

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Continuing our proud tradition of profiling dynamic, interesting neighborhoods, Curbed has set its sights on Edgewater. Often visited for its beaches at the northern terminus of the lakefront trail, and for the theater, food and antiques found in Andersonville (a neighborhood located at the southern edge of the Edgewater Community Area), Edgewater includes diverse ethnic enclaves, historic residential districts, and relatively affordable lakefront condos. Edgewater counts itself among the densest and most ethnically diverse areas in Chicago, as a magnet for new immigrants from war-torn African countries, and the former Soviet Union. There's also a fairly large Hispanic population, according to census figures. The housing stock is equally diverse, and often stands out for its value, given its proximity to transit and the waterfront. In fact, according to Redfin, the median sale price for July was down 28% from the previous year. While not necessarily presenting the best short-term investment opportunity, you might want to consider this cool 'hood a place to settle down.

? This 1911 3BR Victorian offers amenities fit for a higher price bracket, including a huge finished basement with a projection TV, bar, and fireplace. The backyard is a nice size, as is the kitchen, which features cool eat-in booth seating. Originally priced at $395,000, it's now listed for $360,000.
· Listing: 6111 N Paulina St. [Redfin]

? Billed as a mini-mansion (missing some flair, perhaps), this 6BR agent-owned property has been on the market a while. One wonders, is it the asking price of $579,900, or is it the cluttered tackiness that deters buyers. I suspect the latter, considering the house's enormity and things like the 3rd floor master suite with vaulted ceilings, skylights, and a fitness room. Two of the four bathrooms have jacuzzis. 'Nuff said.
· Listing: 1241 W Early St. [Redfin]

? A fully rehabbed 1904 4 BR Victorian near the lake temps buyers with its dark hardwood floors and moldings, its finished basement, and a generous backyard. Curb appeal is there too. Being on Devon Ave,, you'd be well served by transit and amenities (including Metropolis Coffee Roasters, yum.), but also face the noise factor. Originally priced at $399,500, this one is down to $349,000.
· Listing: 1761 W Devon Ave. [Redfin]

? Our lone condo pic, this elegant prewar unit set in the middle of the Bryn Mawr Historic District is indicative of the many classy and affordable condos for sale in Edgewater. As is the case all around town, there's a glut of condos on the market- a result of overbuilding. Most are new construction. This is a gem due to its age and fine upkeep. Hardwoods throughout and a bright paint job amplify the natural light and warm the space. And with 1,100 sq. feet, this is a mighty large 1BR. Price ain't bad either: $110,000.
· Listing: 5505 N Winthrop Ave. #1 [Redfin]

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