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First Look at Golub's 10- and 42-Story Streeterville Towers

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When news broke that developer Golub & Co. was planning to build a pair of big condo buildings in Streeterville, we knew it was only a matter of time before SkyscraperPage superstar Spyguy would get his hands on the architect's renderings. Over the long weekend, Spyguy delivered. The renders are interesting for a couple of reasons. It looks like the 10-story building, located at the southeast corner of Ohio and McClurg, has nice scale, with retail fronting Ohio Street. The 42-story tower, meanwhile, has a wall of uneven glass on the southern face that adds some texture to the glass box. And it looks like there's also a bunch of retail along Grand and McClurg at the base of the tower. Viewed from a distance, the building looks fairly similar to some of Solomon Cordwell Buenz's other recent Chicago high-rises. A community meeting about the proposed tower will be held one week from today at 251 E. Huron.
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