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Village Market Services Arrive at Lakeshore East

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Magellan Development Group is ushering in its first retail tenants at Lakeshore East. The scoop from RE Journals is that Mariano's Fresh Market will open Oct. 4, followed the next day by Three Forks Steakhouse. Until now, the community, which occupies seven skyscrapers and two townhouse complexes, was best served by a CVS. A few of the buildings have been occupied for 5+ years. The new Village Market retail center is expected to soon fill its 105,000 sq. ft. with varied retail and services, with committed tenants including Black Coffee Gallery, a coffee house, and Eggy's, a breakfast spot. By our latest count, there's still about 22,000 sq. ft. available. Want to learn more? Track our Lakeshore East coverage.
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