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Pious-By-Design Condo Rental in Old Irving Park

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Since this isn't something you're likely to own any time soon, consider renting this weird Protestant Church look-alike 4 BR condominium in Old Irving Park. Going for $3,000, beat back your fear of the pulpit with sheer decadence. The obvious treat is the sharply pitched loft ceiling at the center of the space that looks to rise 20' or more. Despite the verticality, at 4,800 sq. ft., there's still lots of floor. And let's talk about the bathroom. The irregularly-shaped marble slab wall that flanks the tub and neo-gothic hanging lamps bring a bit o' Byzantine to the experience. As for the church spire, we don't have an explanation.
· Listing: 4154 W Berteau Ave. [Coldwell Banker]