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What's On The Market Right Now in Little Italy?

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Here at Curbed, we might have a tendency to get a little North Side-centric. We deal in real estate and development, after all. But it's important to shuffle the cards now and then. One fascinating neighborhood we haven't talked up in a while is Little Italy. Commonly lumped together with University Village but with character all its own, Little Italy is now home to a fairly diverse population. As the principle Italian immigrant neighborhood beginning in the early 20th century, it still retains a sizable Italian community that lends legitimacy to touristy Taylor Street. But the neighborhood overall has shrunken, parts of it severed and flattened by highways and the relocation of U.I.C. in the 60's. But U.I.C.'s 25,000 students have, in their own way, brought new life to the area. And the Hull House Museum and Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame are big draws. As you'd suspect, it's a young 'hood and saddled with rental apartments. But there's a pretty diverse and inexpensive housing stock that coexists with student housing. Check out our examples:
· Little Italy Neighborhood Profile [City of Chicago]

This 3BR attached townhome in Garibaldi Square is listed for $500K. Abundant oak flooring, private deck, skylights, and a garage are its main selling points. The built-in bookshelves are nice too, if anyone still reads print.
· Listing: 1435 W Harrison St. [@properties]

The price on this gleaming 2BR condo has dropped twice in three months from $265,000 to $238,000. Hardwood floors, deck, fireplace, and a whirlpool bath make this place a pretty good find.
· Listing: 907 S Miller St. #2 [Berg Properties]

Here we have another Miller Street condo, in a similar looking building. But it's a 3BR and has even nicer fixtures. In addition to a large deck, there's a shared rooftop. And it one-ups its neighbor with cherry floors. Listed for $399,900.
·Listing: 839 S Miller St. #3 [@properties]