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Pushing The Limits Of Taste in Lincoln Park

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Curbed adores half-baked concept houses in high price brackets. Easy targets. Take this shining example from Lincoln Park: A 4BR, 5BA for $1.75M. First it drugs you with Victorian charm, and then bewilders with some kind of twisted ode to tetris and submarines, and perhaps Tim Burton. Some of the damage is cosmetic (illustrative paint jobs, the furniture), but much of it is permanent (window cuts, tetris carvings). Relief arrives in the form of a roof deck, which only shines in contrast. The listing calls it "avant-garde", but we don't get the sense that it's pushing boundaries, exactly. Truthfully, there's someone out there who'll love this. We wish you well.
· Listing: 1813 N Cleveland Ave. [Coldwell Banker]