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Modest But Delectable Logan Home for $399K

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Doesn't seem the agent could decide how to label this house, calling it simultaneously a "manor home, coach house, and villa", but she is correct to call it a "Logan Square classic". Just hitting the market today, this 4BR, 2,300 sq. footer is listed at $399,000 but the home actually sold back in June for $215,000. There must have been a lot of rehabbing in-between. Admittedly, both the exterior and interior finishes are so perfect it makes you mad. The light brown brick is checkered with darker brick around the windows and down the building's corners, and a black steel deck wraps around the front. Inside, the oak lays out, contrasting with the bright white walls. Everything seems well-proportioned, especially the master bath with its double-wide sink. No more need to throw elbows at loved ones in the morning.
· 3211 W McLean Ave. [North Clybourn Group/Redfin]