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140 Year-Old Italianate Gets A Fresh Start

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Over in Lincoln Park there's many a red-brick building, but few as old or postcardy as this 1873 Italianate row house on Orchard Ave. Fresh on the market, this 6,700 sq. ft., 6 BR home was built to fill out its corner plot. Fairly huge for its day (and not too shabby by today's standards either), the biggest surprise are the interior treatments. Totally gutted and built for modern tastes, there's really just the sprinkling of period furniture to remind of the house's era. Not that a feel of quasi-oldness hasn't been incorporated. It has. But apart from the dark wood massed in the living room and the dining room wallpaper, it feels a little simulated, like it could be happening in Vegas. Asking $2,895,000.
· Listing: 2325 N Orchard St. [Prudential Rubloff]