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A Second Price Increase in Six Months in "Hot Barr Hills"

These days, if the asking price is adjusted on a for-sale house, there's usually only one direction it will go: down. But out in Barrington, we've spotted a home that marches to the beat of its own drum. "HOT BARR HILLS Location Can Close FAST!," screams the listing. Despite the cocky rhetoric, though, the location hasn't closed fast. The home has been on the market since early March, and in that time the price has increased twice by a total of $259,000. What gives? Maybe the sellers stuck oil in the back yard at some point in the past six months. With five acres and a two-stall barn, the place does have some potential, but any buyer would have to be able to look past the mind-bending, disco-era wallpaper. (Is that green wallpaper in the bedroom reflective?) The 2,072-square-foot home is now priced at $1.2 million.
· Listing: 181 Tricia Lane [Realty Executives]