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The Forthcoming Shops on Fremont Get Design Improvements

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Demolition is underway at the northwest corner of Weed and Fremont in Lincoln Park and thanks to studious blogger i_am_hydrogen, we've been made aware of significant alterations to the layout of the major multi-plot retail development planned for this and other sites. Called The Shops on Fremont, developer CRM Properties' plan calls for 125,000-180,000 square feet of retail within three buildings and lots of parking. The substantive changes from earlier designs involve the placement of parking and the compactness of the site. Originally, the site plan lacked appropriate urban density and clearly catered to cars with three surface lots, multiple entry and exit points, and rooftop parking (see older site rendering below). The new compacted design includes two levels of parking atop one two-story retail structure, and only one smallish surface lot (more of a drop off spot). In addition, the site includes a department store and loads of ground floor pedestrian-oriented retail. Still, the site's high-density zoning allows for more than three times the square footage currently being applied by the developer. Aware of this, CRM will built to suit individual retailer needs above and beyond the preliminary planned development (which may include more vertical parking). So expect further changes.
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