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Breaking News: Big Time Bike-Share Coming to Chicago

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Building on the success of large-scale Bike Share in cities like D.C., New York, and Paris, Chicago is launching its very own fleet of 3,000 bikes clustered in dense pockets of the city, near to transit. According to the The Tribune's Jon Hilkevitich, "Users would pick up a bike from a self-service docking station and drop off the bike at the station closest to their destination. The stations, which will be powered by solar energy, will be placed about one-fourth mile apart..." The city already has a small tourist-aimed bike share program called "Chicago-B-Cycle" that only boasts a half-dozen stations, where you might expect them- by the lake and loop. Much credit is being directed to transit boss Gabe Klein who helped launch the nation's largest bike share in D.C. before heading to Chi. We'll have to wait and see whether those of us in the neighborhoods are well served by the bike share or if its just another monument to urban ideals.
· City Announces Large Bike-Share Rental Program [Trib]