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Buy a $450,000 Suburban Home, Get a $1,000 Bar Tab

"We weren't getting very much traffic because there was so much competition in the market," seller Melanie Gravdal told NBC Chicago, so she and her husband started putting up fliers offering a $1,000 tab at a nearby bar called Grandpa's Place to the buyer of their home, which is listed for $450,000. OK, Gravdals. You have our attention now. And we've seen this sort of gimmick before; back in 2008, an Uptown developer offered to throw down a $3,000 bar tab to buyers in his building. Our take: If you're really desperate for beer money to spend at Grandpa's, you probably aren't in a position to take out a mortgage on a $450,000 home.
· Home Seller Offers $1,000 in Booze to Buyer [NBC Chicago]
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