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Landmarks Commission Hands Out Best Preservation Awards

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Yesterday, the city's Commission on Chicago Landmarks presented 14 historic preservation awards at the annual Preservation Excellence Awards ceremony. A sampling of the winning projects are pictured above and include office restoration, exterior renovations, and last but not least, a rare surviving example of a first generation White Castle (occupied by the Chef Luciano & Gourmet Chicken restaurant). The 80-year old White Castle structure was restored to its glory days by replacing brick, returning signage and lighting to historic placements, and recreating the crenellated tower. You can see, while charming, it would have trouble accommodating drive-thru. Particularly impressive to us, Columbia College's exterior restoration of its large neoclassical main campus building (top, left) involved rebuilding the entire bracketed stone cornice and repairing large sections of brick and limestone. Located at 600 Michigan Ave, this is an important piece of the historic streetwall. For the complete list of properties, check out this City of Chicago webpage, where you can also see before and after photos.
· Commission on Chicago Landmarks Present Awards for Preservation Excellence [City of Chicago]