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Another 'Bootleg' Wright Home Hits the Market in La Grange

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Like the other 'bootleg' houses that Frank Lloyd Wright designed whilst working for the firm Adler and Sullivan, the Robert G. Emmond House in La Grange doesn't look too much like a Wright. With its octagonal turret and pointy, equilateral roof, the home looks interesting and inviting, but it doesn't bear much resemblance to the Prairie Style form for which Wright would later be known. The Emmond House has been restored recently (although it doesn't look like it has changed much since it was built in 1892), and between the arched doorways, the large side porch, and the large windows in the living room and bedroom, it looks quite lovely. The home hit the market for about $1.5 million last week. If that's out of your price range, another bootleg Wright house, the Thomas Gale house in Oak Park, is still available for rent, for $5,000 per month.
· Listing: 109 S. 8th St., La Grange [Historic Homes Realty]