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Grand Victorian Languishes on the Market in Kenwood

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Among the priciest and grandest South Side homes currently on the market, this assertive 1893 Victorian in historic Kenwood wants so badly to be loved. Undoubtedly a good place to live, the lake is a few blocks off, and the 47th/Kenwood Metra stop will whisk you downtown in 10 minutes. The house itself is easy on the eyes, and its 5,000+ square feet will please preservationists with original oak paneling, parquet floors, and many old and nifty light fixtures. But lest you think this place is all show, the central air, new kitchen, and remodeled baths back up the pizazz with raw creature comfort. Only thing we're wondering: why couldn't the listing agent have snapped some pics of the yard(s) and a close-up of the porch? Also, some of the interior room shots are framed in ways that collapse the space, when $1.799 million says it ought to be expanded. This could have something to do with why it has sat on the market for a year and a half. Or alas, it could just be too expensive.
· 4805 S. Kimbark Ave. [Urban Search]