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A Thousand Cuts for Wicker Park Mini Mansion

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We've seen dramatic price cuts before, but the blade used on this one must be pretty dull because it's been chop, chop, chop since day one on the market. And 27 cuts later, the ask on this 2008 contemporary home in Wicker has dropped from $1,499,900 to $999,900. A few well placed blows could have accomplished that. To further confuse, mixed in to the series of cuts have been scattered price hikes. Whatever you perceive as the cause of such indecisiveness, the fact is this house is slammin'. With five bedrooms spread over four stories, and a "stress relieving bathroom" (whatever that means), you won't need much of the outside world. And when you do, there's a rooftop and what looks like a private bridge to the roof of the garage. Lesson learned: great location and amenities aren't always enough to stave off market turbulence.
· 1438 N Elk Grove St. [Redfin]