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Walgreens in Andersonville; Selena Gomez; Perchance Boutique

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And now the latest from Racked Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's shopping, style, and retail from the sidewalks up.

ANDERSONVILLE—In a neighborhood known for being a tightly knit bedroom community with a strong eye for design, a brand new Walgreens with some pretty future-forward features opens. It's called The Wellness Experience. We get a guided tour of the space one day before it opens and talk to their next door neighbor, Room Service Chicago on how it impacts their business.

INTERVIEWS—Recently, Racked Chicago sat down with well-spoken teen pop superstar Selena Gomez. Selena opens up and talks to us about the fabrication of her clothing line, Dream Out Loud and concepting a fragrance to be launched next year. Justin Bieber not included.

GOLD COAST—Perchance Boutique is Now Open in The Elysian Hotel. We sat in the lobby all day yesterday Live-Blogging Marchesa gowns, brutal security guards, and the relief of finally being open.

GOLD COAST—Chicago is finally getting a Y-3. The longstanding Adidas collab with Yohji Yamamoto is currently building out a space on Oak Street. They're scheduled to be open next month.