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Another Look at Row2750 and its Beige Neighbor

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In July, we learned that the first homes inside Row2750 had been completed, but we hadn't gotten a look at the almost-finished building with our own eyes until today. The wrapping has been taken off the architectural framing around the balconies (at least along Lakewood), and the wood paneling has been installed. We were excited about this project when we first saw the HPA renderings back in 2007, and it doesn't disappoint. If only more developers in Lincoln Park would spring for contemporary design like this, instead of playing it safe with the faux-classical stuff that's become the norm in recent years. While visiting Row2750, we couldn't help but notice the new residential building that has risen up across the street.

As we learned back in April, this narrow new building will house six residential units. It doesn't look like much now, but there's still a bit of work left to be done, so we'll withhold judgment until its finished. But it's fair to say that this one won't be overshadowing its neighbor to the west anytime soon.
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