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So This Is the Largest Solar-Powered Home in Chicago, Huh?

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According to the listing, this home is the "largest solar-powered residential home in Chicago!" It looks exactly like hundreds of non-solar-powered homes found across the city. According to a press release, the home has 36 solar panels on the roof, which, on sunny days, produce more energy than the home can use. The owners are reportedly basking in so much energy that they sell the surplus juice back to ComEd. Inside, the home has a performance-monitoring "command center" and an electric car charging station in the garage. Take away the solar features, and we're left with a perfectly comfortable-looking, but unexceptional home. The 4,250-square-foot is now priced at $1.19 million.
· Listing: 1459 W. Walton St. [Dream Town]
· Rare Solar-Powered Chicago Home Listed by Dream Town [Press Release]