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Price Continues to Fall on Over-the-Top Roscoe Village Home

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Is that $3 mil burning a hole in your pocket? Relief awaits in Roscoe Village. Twenty years ago, $3 million would've bought you the neighborhood itself, but today you'll have to settle for this little mod village within a village at 3540 N. Ravenswood. Billed as a "fantasy home" by listing agent Sophia Klopas, the real fantasy is having all that green in the first place. That being said, this property excels in every category: Bedrooms- 6, Baths- 6, Kitchens- 2, Square Feet- 9,000, Swimming Pool- yes, Basketball Court- you know it. Built in 2007, this sleek minimalist home first sold for $2.25 million, and it came back on the market last year for $3.75 million. Several reductions later, the ask is now $2.895M.
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