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Another Look at 500 N. Lake Shore's "Signature Green Wall"

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Much has already been made of that green wall that Ald. Reilly ordered Related Midwest to slap on the eastern face of 500 North Lake Shore Drive's garage. It was a shallow and silly move by the alderman, and for the developer, the garage has attracted more attention than the tower itself. Today, Related released a new rendering of the green wall, and we'd be lying if we didn't admit it looks pretty swell. Applying some plants to a garage and calling it green is the basic definition of greenwashing (some of the press releases have listed the wall among the buildings most notable environmentally sustainable features), but we still like the look of the thing. We'll withhold final judgment until we get a look at the real thing and until it survives its first winter ("the technology, I'm told, works," Reilly said recently, not inspiring much confidence).
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