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Huge Bronzeville Greystone Gets Hacked Up on the Market

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Brought on the market less than a year ago, fortune has not shined on this epic Bronzeville greystone. Originally priced at $975,000 last November, the going rate for 4018 S. King Drive is now down to $595,000, after eight price cuts. Curbed feels for the owners. That's an average reduction of 50 grand a month on the money you thought you had coming. Let's roll the stats: 6BD, 4.5BA, 5,400 square feet of floor space, hardwoods, two gas fireplaces, a back deck, chef's kitchen, and a detached garage. Is this a great deal, or is it yet another example of the market correcting a listing price that was out of touch with reality?
· Listing: 4018 S King Dr. [Zillow]