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What's On the Market Right Now in South Shore?

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Ever considered moving south and getting your own cottage with a yard on a quiet street near the beach? We were thinking the same. That's right, baby: South Shore! While the 'hood has a relatively high crime rate, it's on par with trendier neighborhoods like Pilsen and Logan Square. And although it's one of the denser areas on the South Side, there are still plenty of good, affordable single-family homes. Take a gander at some of the homes that are currently on the market in the land of ample parks and beaches.

? This handsome house is a 1918 certified Historic Chicago Bungalow located in the South Shore Bungalow District. Plenty of space (1,265 square feet) for a mere $140,000, including a sizable and very private backyard. Features hardwood floors, crown molding, quirky windows, and a sweet mantle piece.
· Listing: 7556 S. Creiger Ave. [Redfin]

? Located a couple blocks from the Windsor Park Metra station and a couple more from the lake, this turn of the century house has been fully renovated and modernized. Listed at $199,900, this place rocks three decks and four different floorings (ceramic, marble, wood, and carpet). It's got a huge fenced backyard for hiking or wilderness camping.
· Listing: 7618 S. Saginaw Ave. [Redfin]

? This is a fixer-upper for sure, but if you're willing to commit a bit of money and elbow grease, it might be worth it. Fannie-Mae approved for a special rehabilitation mortgage, you can have this one for as little as 3% down, as long as you agree to take it as is, and intend to sink money into it. Even in its current condition, this house looks highly livable, with a nice front porch, wood-clad walls, and dark wooden molding. Listed at $70,200.
· Listing: 7342 S. Dante Ave. [Redfin]

? This 1924 3BD colonial is set on a lush street among historic homes. Fully carpeted, but the listing claims there are beautiful oak floors hidden beneath. The kitchen looks compact and efficient and the master bedroom has its own balcony. It's located just a couple blocks west of Jeffrey, which would be convenient if the Jeffrey BRT line ever gets off the ground. Listed at $485,000, but fresh on the market.
· Listing: 7007 S. Constance Ave. [Redfin]