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A Theological Building Boom in Hyde Park

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In early July, Curbed shared some renderings of the renovation and modernization of U of C's Theological Seminary at 58th and University in Hyde Park, which is being transformed into a new Department of Economics building. Meanwhile, on the other side side of the Midway, construction workers are erecting a new home for the Theological Seminary. The new CTS facility, in partnership with U of C, will be a four-story classroom building with a 300-seat circular glass chapel as the centerpiece. The new building is mostly complete, though it sits in a larger footprint as part of a multi-plot construction site. Approaching the building from the front or side, the chapel appears embedded atop the third floor like a slide carousel. The façade's subtle gradation of tans, and varied windows accomplish a blending with the green of the plaisance and calm of the area (construction aside). Speaking of green, architects Nagle Hartray Danker Kagan McKay Penney (whew!) are aiming for a LEED Silver certification, and they've thrown in a green roof. All-in-all, a fair looking building with good intentions (although some locals are probably still a bit vexed over losing a community garden in the process). Dedication Day: October 20.
· CTS Building Design and Features [CTS]