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Wright's Former Gold Coast Love Nest Getting Demolished

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When news broke last year that the Gold Coast home where Frank Lloyd Wright briefly took up residence between 1914 and 1915 would be torn down, reactions ranged from pure outrage to "Meh." Over on his Chicago Real Estate Local blog, Realtor Eric Rojas notes that demolition is underway on the (non-Landmarked) building, sharing some photos taken by his partner, Bob DePalma. A bit of backstory on the home: George Giannoulias, brother of Alexi, caused extensive damage to the foundation of the 124-year-old home while constructing a mansion next door, which resulted in sloping floors and large cracks in the masonry. In January, a new owner bought the property for the land and is now demolishing the old home to make way for a new-construction house. Head over to Chicago Real Estate Local for more.
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