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Introducing EcoDwell: Green Homes for Less Green

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New-construction homes in Chicago are expensive. 'Green' single-families are often even more expensive. With this in mind, Jeff Sommers of Square Root Architecture (the architect behind that new prefab house in West Town) and Avi Ron from Dream Town Builders (last seen skateboarding around his Keck+Keck home in Budlong Woods) have teamed up to launch EcoDwell, a design-build concept that will produce mid-size, energy-efficient homes. Unlike the C3 Prefab home Sommers designed, the EcoDwell model is a stick-framed structure, but he says it'll have many of the same energy performance goals as the modular home. According to the EcoDwell website, most of the building materials used in Ecodwell homes are recycled, renewable or responsibly harvested, and they expect the homes to be roughly 50 percent more energy-efficient than most Chicago homes.

The two-story homes have three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and about 1,700 square feet of floor space. "We are targeting growing families who want a modestly sized home that is priced at an initial affordable price point, while at the same time able to control their utility and maintenance costs," Sommers tells Curbed in an email. The first EcoDwell project is currently under construction in Lincoln Square (pictured), and it looks like it's pretty far along. The Lincoln Square home is scheduled for completion in November, and Sommers says they're seeking LEED Platinum, Energy Star, and Chicago Green Homes certifications for the project. According to the website, EcoDwell homes will be priced from $299,000.
· Official website [EcoDwell]