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North Grant Park To Be Redesigned and Rebuilt, But When?

This much we know: North Grant Park, the area just east of Millennium Park and north of Monroe Street, will be torn up and replanted at some future date. However, we still don't know when construction will begin, or what exactly the new park will look like. A new Chicago Journal article checks up on the status of the park makeover today to find that the design process is still underway. Daley Bicentennial Plaza currently rests above a massive garage (if you want to call it a green roof, that's technically accurate), the roof of which is leaky and needs to be removed and replaced. In 2009, the Chicago Park District announced that it had hired landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh to redesign the park. When Van Valkenburgh was brought on, it still looked like the Children's Museum would be annexing part of Grant Park, but that plan has since been nixed. A couple of community meetings were held last year, and a website was launched (which has since been taken offline), but no official plans were ever released to the public. A Park District official tells the Chicago Journal that community meetings will likely be held later this year or early next year.
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