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West Loop Condo Seller Invites You To 'Live Like Rahm'

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Mayor Emanuel's move back to Chicago and his efforts to reclaim his home from a stubborn renter has provided constant fodder for local media. We've peeked into the crawlspace of his Ravenswood home; we speculated on his status as a Chicago resident; we've gotten to know his renter; and we've even watched paint dry on his house. Now that Rahm has moved back home, one West Loop resident is getting a little more mileage out of Emanuel's housing saga. A condo seller in the Green Street Lofts is presenting buyers with a "historical opportunity": For $294,995, you can live in the same building (but not the same unit) that the Emanuels occupied for the past year!

"Though Rahm moved out of the loft a few weeks ago, his spirit, and the character of the building that drew the greatest living man without a middle finger here, remains," the seller writes. "That's right, you can be the owner of 400 S. Green St. Unit, #202, located two floors below Emanuel's own summer fun pad."

OK, so it's not quite the same as trying to sell a place that Rahm actually lived in, but this seller deserves some major points for actually flashing a bit of creativity and humor in an industry that's a tad creatively-challenged. Plus, the place actually looks very nice! A few noteworthy features: The track lighting in the bathroom make it "an excellent place to practice corralling votes for key legislative initiatives." The bedroom is "a suitable place to get in bed with special interests." And the refrigerator "holds more than enough pizza to keep David Axelrod well fed for future spin cycles to come." And in case you're wondering, no, Dan Sinker isn't the mastermind behind this.
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