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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Starting to Crop Up in Chicago

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Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Nissan was so impressed with Chicago's electric vehicle car charging infrastructure that it would start rolling out electric cars here a year earlier than originally planned. That's great news! But where are all these charging stations? According to the Sun-Times article, Chicago-based Carbon Day Automotive has already installed 150 charging stations throughout the area. Yesterday, we caught up with Carbon Day VP Brian Levin via email to see what the company has been up to. Carbon Day's latest install was at Soldier Field (pictured), and they've also recently installed charging stations at the Millennium Park, 900 North Michigan (the Bloomingdales Building), Aqua and Parc Huron, among others, and the company plans to have about 400 stations installed by year's end. According to Levin, charging station owners can either give electricity for free (as most are doing right now), charge per hour, or charge a flat rate. The company has a website that maps out all charging stations in the area (although it appears to be down today).
· Nissan Leaf blows into Chicago area this fall [Sun-Times]