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Latest on Lakeshore East: Coast, Village Market, Radisson Blu

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Curbed has decided that you deserve to know everything there is to know about the $4 billion Lakeshore East development, given that its immense footprint and location just north of Millenium Park actually makes the city feel bigger. If you visit Magellan Development's website, the presentation of the master plan and its scale seems fit for Dubai. Construction is nearly complete, the landscaping is sublime, and occupancy is underway at several buildings. But there's still more to come.

The Radisson Blu hotel, occupying the bottom half of the 87-story Aqua tower, will open by year's end, adding 334 rooms to the luxury hotel world. Also, the eighth residential tower at Lakeshore East, the Coast at Lakeshore East, has broken ground on Wacker Drive, just east of the Swissotel, and foundation work is currently underway. Designed by Brininstool, Kerwin, and Lynch, this 50-story smooth, glassy tower with deep balconies "continues the Wacker Drive streetwall, so it's a very visible face of Lakeshore East" Thomas Kerwin, a principal at BKL, recently told the Architect's Newspaper. Opening 2013, but expect to see it taking shape by early 2012. Finally, when it comes to on-site amenities, Village Market facing onto the 6-acre centerpiece park, is due to open in a few months, and it'll be anchored by a Mariano's supermarket. That's all for now. Stay tuned.
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