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19th-Century Chicago Farmhouse Gets a 21st-Century Overhaul

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If you've passed by Paulina and Balmoral in Andersonville in the past two years, you've probably noticed that the house on the corner has undergone a Benjamin Button-esque transformation. With the help of Vertex Architects, the owners of a shabby, 125-year-old farmhouse transformed it into a modern, eco-friendly single-family home. "After some hand-wringing, the owner decided to strip off all interior finishes and rebuild the house from the studs, modernizing it in the process," according to the Bain Environmental website. Several features, including open-cell spray foam insulation, radiant heating,energy-efficient air conditioners and a high-efficiency boiler, were added to boost the home's energy efficiency. Plus, it's relatively affordable; the entire gut-rehab job was done for under $100 per square foot. Follow the links below for the complete specs.
· GreenTroFit Services [Bain Environmental]
· 5354 N. Paulina [Vertex Architects]