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Crain's: Groupon in 'Advanced Talks' To Buy Wrigley Building

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Rumor has it that Groupon is considering purchasing the 90-year-old (but not landmark protected!) Wrigley Building. Crain's first broke the story on Saturday, reporting that Groupon co-founders Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky are in advanced talks to buy the ornate tower, which would become the new headquarters for Groupon, and it would also serve as an "incubator-type space for other tech startups they bankroll through their Lightbank investment fund," according to Crain's. Last month, Wrigley announced that it would vacate the Michigan Avenue building by the end of 2012, moving the rest of its employees to a new Goose Island location. For its part, Groupon hasn't made any announcement about the move, and when asked, a spokesperson told the Trib, "We're locked into a long-term contract and we're happy where we are." Photo by Flickr user Scott Meis
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