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Four High-Rises Coming to Division and Wells?

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The Sun-Times has the lowdown on yet another proposed mega-development, this time at Atrium Village, a mid- and low-rise development located just east of Cabrini-Green. "When Atrium Village at Division and Wells opened to renters in the late 1970s, residents could gaze upon the towers of Cabrini-Green," writes David Roeder. "And that was supposed to be an attraction." How times have changed.

Now that all of the Cabrini high-rises have been razed and some have been replaced with bland mid-rises, the owners of Atrium Village are floating a "very ambitious" development proposal. Plans call for building four high-rises, the tallest of which would have 44 stories, on the seven-acre site on the southwest corner of Division and Wells. The new community would have 1,673 homes (20 percent would be affordable), a net increase of 1,366 units from the current 307. The only rendering released so far is from FitzGerald Associates, and it shows a mid-rise with a grocery store (does that area really need another grocery store?) at the corner of Division & Wells. Last month, Alderman Reilly all but shot down Jewel's proposal to build a 40-story building just two blocks to the east, at Division and Clark. Atrium Village isn't in Reilly's ward, but the developers will still have to gain Ald. Burnett's approval for a zoning change. And here's a bit of good news: All of the parking for the planned development is underground.
· 'Very ambitious plan' proposed to redevelop Atrium Village [Sun-Times]

Atrium Village

W. Division St. and N. Wells St., Chicago, IL