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New Ritz-Carlton Residences Toy With A Touch Of The Old

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Our periodic coverage of the Ritz-Carlton Residences on Michigan Avenue has focused on scale and on the luxurious details of such a charmed address. With custom kitchens by renowned local designer Mick De Giulio, a super-glam cocktail lounge, and all the usual condo spoils (plus hotel-grade valet and concierge), this is undoubtedly a gawker's paradise. But what does one make of the smaller adjoined building (previously the Farwell Building), which will house parking and commercial space? The historic limestone facade was taken down and placed in storage while a new building was being constructed. Now, the transplant is underway on the new 12-story structure, which has long rankled preservationists who who contend that "facadism" or "architectural taxidermy" shouldn't be allowed to stand in for true historic preservation. Whatever your opinion is of this sort of practice, we'll soon get a good look at it; completion is on track for years' end.
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The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

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