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In Streeterville, a Bland Building for a Noble Cause

Work on the world's largest Ronald McDonald House is rolling along, and it appears to be nearly topped off. It might be the light playing tricks, but we swear you can seen reds and yellows in the construction materials. The new Antunovich-designed building will supply 86 guest rooms to the families of children hospitalized at nearby Lurie's Children & Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It's rare when something other than a glassy condo building or stern office tower rises in Streeterville. Architecturally, it's won't turn many heads, but as Lynn Becker recently wrote on AchitectureChicago Plus, "In a way, it's like the equally uncharming 19th century structure now being demolished, just extruded and updated to our own age's idiom of inoffensive mediocrity." In other words, no serious harm done. Opening in 2012.
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Ronald McDonald House

211 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website