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City Closes Colorful, Controversial Devon Parking Structure

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Seven years in the making, the future of that controversial parking structure with the kaleidoscopic murals at Devon and Rockwell is still up in the air. When Curbed scuttled up to West Rogers Park a few months ago to witness the unfinished structure with our own eyes, it was open for business and giving away free weekend parking. It seemed too good to be true. And it was. In late July, the city came and slapped a big 'DO NOT ENTER' sign near the entrance. The Dept. of Buildings tells WBEZ that a partial certificate of occupancy was granted for valet parking only, and when officials discovered that it was open to the public, they shut it down. The report also says that the developer was in line to receive $3.45 million in TIF funding, but because it failed to meet a bunch of benchmarks, that funding is in jeopardy, which will further delay the completion of those residential units. How do local business owners feel about all of this? "All the businesses are just furious. So furious," Amie Zander, executive director of the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce, tells WBEZ.
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Rockwell Commons

2556 West Devon Avenue , Chicago, IL 60645