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A/N: Signs of Life in West Loop, Hyde Park & Cabrini-Green

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The Architect's Newspaper published a development-heavy feature yesterday that Chicago's crane-gazers are sure to enjoy. The piece, written by Christopher Bentley, offers wholesale updates of new residential and commercial developments in three neighborhoods, which, according to Bentley, are thriving amid the real estate slump: Hyde Park, the West Loop and Cabrini-Green. The article features some new renderings that we hadn't seen before, and paints a generally rosy outlook for those three 'hoods (none of which, we might note, were even nominated for the 2010 Curbed Cup). A few of the highlights: It sounds like Taxman Corp. is still planning to go forward with a 228-unit apartment tower at The Gateway (although the high-rise isn't shown in the new render), and Antheus Capital's Village Center development is now "City Hyde Park." Click through to read the whole feature.
· Feature: Breaking Ground [Architect's Newspaper]

The Gateway

14 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60607