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Ozzie Guillen Trades W. Loop Townhouse For Bucktown House

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White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen engineered a couple of pretty significant real estate transactions in recent months, the Tribune reports. Ozzie bought a large new home in Bucktown for just under $2 million, and he also sold his 3,000-square-foot West Loop townhouse for $610,000 -- $40K more than he paid for it when he was hired by the White Sox in 2003. Now, about that Bucktown home: The Trib says it's a "contemporary-style," 6,163-square-foot house. That sounds remarkably similar to the Osterhaus McCarthy-designed home that sold back in April for the same exact price. Probably a coincidence. So why did Guillen trade up? He just wanted a bigger house, his agent told the Trib.
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