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18,000-Square-Foot Castle Is Almost Ready for Its King

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It's been a while since we've heard anything from Paul Iwanski, the man who devoted the last few years of his life to building an enormous castle in Oak Brook. The Chicago Daily Herald checks in with Iwanski today and reports that, two years after groundbreaking, he's "completing the finishing touches" on the 18,000-square-foot structure. Iwanski, a Polish mason, built the home with 20-inch-thick walls and 10-inch reinforced concrete between the floors, according to the Daily Herald. That should come in handy if it's ever attacked by suburban barbarians. When Chicago mag's Dennis Rodkin visited the place last fall, the stairs were still lined with two-by-fours, and there was still a bit of interior work to be done. Back then, the place was priced at $5.7 million. Now, Iwanski says he's willing to sell it for $4.75 million, but if he continues to upgrade it, it'll cost about $5 million.
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