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Four-Bedroom Tudor with Cathedral Ceiling For Sale in Kenwood

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The cavalcade of large, stately and, oh yes, pricey homes coming to the market continues in Kenwood. This 3,200-square-foot English Tudor on 48th Street near Greenwood doesn't rank among the biggest or most expensive in the South Side 'hood, but it does have its charms. The home, built in 1926, has an unusually tall chimney, a large cathedral ceiling with big timber beams in the living room, and a slightly arched ceiling in the dining room. And according to the listing, the kitchen and family room were recently remodeled. Like most Kenwood homes, this one comes with a big back yard and a detached garage. The home was listed for $1.2 million last fall, and after coming off the market for several months, it was recently relisted for just under $1 million.
· Listing: 1116 E. 48th St. [Urban Search]