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Keeping an Eye on Construction at the New 31st Street Harbor

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A tipster wrote in this afternoon to remind us that construction is in full swing on the parking garage/boat storage facilities at the new 31st Street Harbor. Indeed it is! Cyclists pedaling along the Lakefront trail don't have a great view of construction because those pesky green fences have been erected around the site, but fortunately for us, the Public Building Commission regularly posts new construction photos online. The image at left shows a June construction photo that was taken along the waterfront; the one at right is a rendering of the 'Green Roof Promenade' from the 31st Street Harbor Concept Plan (PDF). In addition to the garage and promenade, the marina will include a community building, a harbor facility with a restaurant, a 2,700-foot breakwater, and it'll add four acres of new parkland. The new harbor is expected to be completed some time next year.
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