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Room Share in River West Nudist Household for $69/Week

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It's been pretty balmy in Chicago this week, so it's only natural to want to shed some clothes. If you're looking to shed all of your clothes without offending anyone, say hello to your new nudist roommate:

hello everyone!.....i have a nude sleeping space to share with anyone who needs a place to stay......this really is just like a nude household, except you,re welcome to stay just 1 night,,3 nights, a week or however long you will need to....the room is warm, dry,very close to all summer attractions in the city and very reasonable, also.....this will only cost you $69 for a week,,,or $20 for a night! you adventurous international travellers,weekend visitors to Chicago,or anyone else who would like to experience a nude/clothing free hotel/hostel type sleeping atmosphere,,,let me know when you would like to stay!----$20 PER NIGHT,,ONLY $69 PER WEEK!......move in today!Thanks to Joe Zekas from YoChicago for the tip.
· $69 NUDIST ROOM TO SHARE [Craigslist]