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The King of Chicago Live-Work Lofts Hits the Market

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If you've passed by Hubbard and Milwaukee in recent years, you probably noticed a the small brick building with the enormous clock, situated above an even bigger garage door. That building, paired with the adjacent three-story brick building, are now for sale. There appears to be a slight discrepancy over the exact size of the place — the commercial rental listing says it's 12,700 square feet, while the new residential listing has it at 23,000 square feet — but one thing is certain: This property is enormous, and it looks pretty stunning. (The basement and 10-car garage probably account for the size difference.) So what's the story with this place, and who could possibly need all that space? Renowned commercial photographer Dennis Manarchy's website lists the address as his home base, and he likely put the space to good use. Inside, there's a luxury penthouse with a sauna, roof deck, elevator, and loads of interesting architectural details. The place is listed for sale for $5.495 million and for rent for $19 per square foot.
· Rental listing: 656 W. Hubbard St. [Jameson Commercial]
· For-sale listing: 656 W. Hubbard St. [Jameson Commercial]