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A 3BD House with a "Fire Station Sized" Garage in Old Irving

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Does that old station wagon come with the place? If it does, we're sold. And it sort of seems like it should, considering how well it matches the house (and how prominently it's displayed in the listing photos). The garage is front-and-center here. The listing describes it as "fire station sized," and says it fits four cars, but it's hard to imagine cramming four of those boats in there. Despite the odd facade, the interior looks pretty inviting. Upstairs, there's a large open living space, a recently-updated kitchen and a couple of bedrooms on the second floor, and another bedroom and office on the third floor. The place last sold for $185,000 in 1996, and it's now priced at $429,000.
· Listing: 3753 N. Kilbourn Ave. [Baird & Warner]