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Benefit Tomorrow for Hail-Damaged Garfield Park Conservatory

Last week's hail storm caused plenty of property damage around the city, but the building that took the biggest hit was the Garfield Park Conservatory. As several others reported over the weekend, the golf-ball-sized ice balls shattered hundreds of panes of glass on the main Show Room, Fern Room, the Desert House, and the production houses. Images of the historic Jens Jensen-designed structure look like they were taken in a war zone. Incredibly, some parts of the conservatory that have double-paned glass have already been reopened. Want to lend the conservatory your support? Head over to the Hideout tomorrow for a special cold soup and bread benefit with music provided by Michael Slaboch, of the Numero Group. And if you can't make it out to the Hideout, the conservatory is taking donations at its website.
· A Very Special Summer Soup & Bread [Soup and Bread]

Garfield Park Conservatory

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