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A 'Way Cool' Single-Family in Logan Square for $495,000

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"Do not let the outside fool you," warns the listing copy for this lofty Logan Square single-family, "this is a way cool all owner occupied brick home." Right on! Let's take a look inside: The living room is a vast open space, the kitchen looks very industrial, as does the master bath with the corrugated metal, and the lofted second floor contains another very large room with very tall ceilings. The listing describes it as a live-work space, and indeed, it would be a good place for a home office or studio. The roof is 1,800 square feet, and it looks like there's an old basketball hoop up there. The place also comes with a 1,200-square-foot attached garage. The price: $495,000.
· Listing: 3317 W. Fullerton St. [@properties]