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Major Rehab Planned for Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple

It sounds like Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple in Oak Park could soon get the renovations it has long needed. Crain's is reporting that the Unitarian congregation that owns the temple is planning a massive rehab project for the 102-year-old building. The Unitarians are also hoping to construct a companion building next to Unity Temple that could be used for administrative functions and could possibly house a hotel, and they're looking to attract 'top-notch architects' for the project. But where is all of that money going to come from? According to the Crain's story, the renovation project is estimated to cost $25 million ($5-$7 million for the first phase), and the new-construction building could cost more than $10 million. Photo by Flickr user Lauren Manning.
· Unity Temple prepares for big-ticket rehab (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY) [Crain's]