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First Look Inside Phase 1 of Row2750 in Lincoln Park

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Much of the exterior work along Diversey is finished and the first homes at Row2750 are ready for delivery. LG Development hasn't had a chance to set up a model unit or hold an opening party because buyers keep closing on the models before they're finished. Four new listings with photos of one of the already-sold units hit the MLS today, including three townhouses, priced from $1.19 million to $1.5 million, and one duplex condo, priced at $649,000. The 9-townhouse, 2-condo development is broken into two phases — 6 units in Phase 1 and 5 in Phase 2 — and Jameson agent Matt Leutheuser tells Curbed that five of the 11 homes are currently sold. Of the two unsold units in Phase 1, Leutheuser says one is drywalled and the other is framed, but the developer will leave them unfinished so that buyers are able to customize. The two unsold units can deliver within two to three months, Leutheuser says, and the others in phase 2 are about five to six months out.
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