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Six Keck + Keck MidCentury Modern Homes in the Chicago Area

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It's no secret that we're fans of quality midcentury modern homes around here, and in the Chicago area, few did it better than brothers George Fred and William Keck. Keck & Keck produced scores of modern, liveable, and highly attractive homes in the Chicago suburbs that featured large walls of glass and nice cedar built-in cabinets and furniture. Here's a list of six Keck-designed homes that are currently on the market in Chicago and the surrounding 'burbs.

?Location: Lake Bluff
Price: $9,995,000
Size: 7,550 square feet
The Skinny: One of the most expensive homes on the market in the North Shore, this large Lake Bluff mansion sits on a 27-acre wooded property that overlooks Lake Michigan. According to Blair Kamin, local preservationists are worried that this one will be bought and torn down.
· 925 Sheridan Rd., Lake Bluff [Griffith Grant & Lackie]

?Location: Glencoe
Price: $3,495,000
Size: unknown
The Skinny: Located on another wooded lot with lakefront property, this Glencoe home also appears to be in danger of being torn down. The house is being sold in, and according to the listing, the "value is in the land." Doesn't sound very encouraging.
· Listing: 573 Longwood, Glencoe [Coldwell Banker]

?Location: Budlong Woods
Price: $1,698,000
Size: 4,000 square feet
The Skinny: We've written about this North Side home a couple of times this year. The place is owned by Avi Ron from Dream Town Realty, and he's willing to sell it with or without the adjacent 8,250-square-foot lot.
· Listing: 2941 W. Catalpa St. [Dream Town]

?Location: Indian Head Park
Price: $1.3 million
Size: 4,257 square feet
The Skinny: This place doesn't appear to be listed on the MLS, but for much of the past year, Modern Chicago Homes has been trying to sell this recently-renovated and expanded Keck home in Indian Head Park. The owners doubled the home's square footage by adding a garage with living quarters above it.
· Listing: 6249 Blackhawk Trail, Indian Head Park [Modern Chicago Homes]

?Location: Evanston
Price: $850,000
Size: 2,400 square feet
The Skinny: Located just steps from the lakefront in Evanston, the Atlas House is one of the more attractive Keck homes on the market. Unsurprisingly, soon after we featured it earlier this month, the home went under contract (but the sale hasn't closed yet).
· Listing: 647 Sheridan Sq., Evanston [Prairie Shore Properties]

?Location: Hyde Park
Price: $129,500
Size: 800 square feet
The Skinny: The outlier on our list, a 1BD, 1BA condo in a Keck-designed building that's located just a block away from the University of Chicago campus. It doesn't look like much, but then again, it doesn't cost much either.
· Listing: 5510 S Woodlawn Ave #302 [Urban Search]