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Is a Scaled-Back Version of River Point in the Works?

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Chicago developers are in a race to build more Class A office space in the West Loop, the Tribune reports. That isn't exactly news to us, but this is: developer Hines Interests is thinking about re-launching a scaled-back version of River Point at 444 W. Lake St. In 2007, Hines proposed building a glassy, 52-story tower designed by Pickard Chilton on the prime riverfront property, but the plan faded when a couple of large tenants backed out. Now, Hines tells the Trib that it might trim the building down to 40 stories. Skyscraper enthusiasts probably won't be thrilled with the shortened tower — some even grumbled that 52 floors was too short for that location — but these are different times. Let's hope the riverfront plaza plan stays intact.
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